Amazon Associate Program

Amazon Associate Program

The reason why Amazon Associate program works so well is the popularity of Amazon. Amazon is a trustworthy and a well-known brand. This e-commerce giant has almost everything. So your niche could be anything like Fitness, technology, and fashion you will definitely find the products from your niche to promote on your website. Depending on your niche, you can expect to earn significant commissions from affiliate program from Amazon by referring several Amazon products.


Why You should Join Amazon Affiliate Programs?

Amazon affiliate program which is also known as Amazon Associate Program is very popular among bloggers and content marketers. Many bloggers claim to have made a significant amount in commissions from the Amazon Associates program.

Suppose your blog gets about 1000 visitors a day and you have monetized your blog with Amazon Affiliate program and assuming a click-through rate of 5% (which is minimum), you would drive around 50 visitors to Amazon every day. Out of 50 visitors, you referred to Amazon suppose 2-3 visitors ended up buying the products.

With 60-90 sales every month you can easily earn the affiliate program amazon commissions of 500-2000 Dollars depending on the product you are promoting. Which is way higher than you can earn through Google AdSense with the same number of visitors.

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